AutoCAD printing to PDF and AutoCAD plot settings

 AutoCAD  printing

 to  PDF  at any 

AutoCAD   swatware.

AutoCAD printing to pdf file in the process we need to special settings on AutoCAD printing plot . So in this tutorial or artical we all see about AutoCAD printing settings from start to end . In some cases we miss the any settings it will affect the hole drawing so please following things  keet it mind when you print out. 

Specially when you are new or beginners you there a possibility to make some queries and it result in inaccurate drawing.

In this swatware you can print out any models that is simple 2d model . 3d model ect and many more so here we tolking about processor for printing the drawing it apply all AutoCAD swatware. 

-●  In first of all go to the AutoCAD section here prees on this symbol and we will get this options

AutoCAD printing to PDF and AutoCAD plot settings

 ◆  You can see last three options which including 'print button' click on that and you will get the new window.

When you open print option then you will se above the seven options. 

◆ now clik on plot option this that and you will get this interface on your screen .

This is FINAL setting of you DRAWING print we will understand one by one option .

 1.  Name 
In the name section you have to give the name of drawing for example building drowings, canal Drawing ect 

2.  Printer or potter set up 

In this section we can define printer according to format that pdf  that is Microsoft pdf or any other format that you want you can choose here . 

AutoCAD printing to PDF and AutoCAD plot settings
Next you defined the property according to your drawing. 

3. Paper size 

There is so many paper size available in AutoCAD software you need to select the size A1, A2,A3,A4 or ect . It totally depend upon you 

With this also select number of copy's  

4.  Plot areas 

It mens what you plot it having more options like maximum, limit, window ect . 
I usually recommend you select window selection. 

5. Plot offsets

We can also select the plot offsets to set an origin of drawing from both directions that is x and y direction.

6. Plot scale 

We can also select the specifics scale according to drawing . 
Or you can set as it is by system.

7. Plot style table 
 In table style we can define thickness of table or linetyope of table or edit the style . By following option

8. Plot option 
In this section you can select the following options 

AutoCAD printing to PDF and AutoCAD plot settings

Set the orientation of plot and then

9. Preview

Once you make above setting the see preview  if any chance you want you can again go that setting windows change them.

10. The  print out

Heres the simple steps or settings of AutoCAD  printing . 

So ho so you will got this all .