Autodesk revit 2020 free | revit 2020 online for Windows and mac | MEP job for revit in 2020

Autodesk Revit is building information technology modeling swaftware. Which is use for structural engineering, architect, land escape also MEP designers.

Autodesk revit 2020 free swaftware for autodesk user . Autodesk revit free for Windows and mac. All basic information about the revit for free at student version. 

History of revit 

Charles rever develop the original swatware in 1998. They it remained revit technology corporation in 2000 .

After this autodesk bought this swatware In 2002 . 

Revit requirement for desktop (minimum) 

- Windows 10 with 64 bit or more . 

- processor multi core intel® i5 or i7 series process. 

- RAM 8 gb .

For installment of Autodesk revit 2019 free 

Heres I drops following simplest stapes this will work both for Windows and mac os also . 

- For installation of Autodesk revit 2019 we go to official website of autodesk. 

Autodesk revit 2020 free

- you will see more options on the top menu choose the free swaftware category.
Autodesk revit 2020 free

- here we see all free product of Autodesk like AutoCAD, revit , 3ds max ect . 

Autodesk revit 2020 free

- we want run autodesk revit 2019 swaftware search revit and click. 

- now this in interface you can see two options sign in and create account 

Autodesk revit 2020 free

- if you have already an autodesk account then simply sign in. But if you new user the it will need to create an new account. 

Autodesk revit 2020 free

- let's suppose I an new user then I get this form . Here I need to fill the some information. Like country ,education role and date of birth. 
- for acount verification give currently E-mail id . 

Autodesk revit 2020 free

- now select the version of revit. If your pc having above specifications then you choose 2019 version otherwise use previous versions. 

Autodesk revit 2020 free

Autodesk revit 2020 free

 - download the swatware instal it.  

How can I activate the licence

Check your email id which you gives before . Autodesk sent an email in your E-mail id it includes your licence key and all . 

Just simply put 

●Serial number

● Product key .

Now all data, template ect  download of this autodesk swaftware . 

Features of revit swatware

Revit MEP

Full form of this word mechanical electrical and plumbings. 
This feature is especially designed for who working with mechanical, electricals and plumbings sites for improve the overall Design project. 

Revit structure

Revit structure is the specified for structural working for create a modal and documentation in advanced BIM environment. 

Revit swatware course details stape by stape .

Now one question rising your mind where I can learn all hole course . So you first search nearest any institute. Otherwise you can also crack hole course on your computer by the youtube. 

Job for on such swaftware courses.

There is a lots of jobs available in overall india . If you learned hole course of Autodesk revit then you should apply on LINK BIM , some smallest company, or any institute as a teacher. 

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