The American literature written by Norton anthology time period is 1820 to 1865

 The American literature written by Norton anthology time period is 1820 to 1865

Know all the movement in this time period 1820 to 1865 in American literature in simple way .
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Norton American literary nationalism is also a part of this national movement
that we see during this time period while the 1830s through 1850s is usually
identified as the period when American literature came into its own the 1820s
were actually the years when critics first agreed that the United States had
produced writers .

whose who wrote distinctively American words worthy of a
great nation this interest in producing identifiably American works and
celebrating these words can be called literary nationalism in the wake of the
American victory over England in the war of 1812 a new confidence and sense of
national identity emerged many Americans saw their country as a place of
democratic ideals that afforded opportunity to ordinary people rather
than rewarding unearned social distinction or inherited wealth writers.

like Washington earning Willem William Cullen Bryant and James Fenimore Cooper

achieved international reputations as distinctly American writers still most
Americans and certainly most American writers regarded their literature is not
necessarily distinct from but rather in conversation with English literary
traditions American writers in this period did not write uncritically
patriotic texts instead their works reflected and participated in anxieties
about the future of a young nation grappling with divisive issues such as
slavery states rights national tariffs.

other matters many writers and artists in the 1820s placed a special emphasis
on the importance of America's natural landscape for the development of
national character so the literary marketplace in an expanding nation is
also a major talking point during this particular time period so by the 1920s
Americans had easy access to British literature and criticism which thanks to
lacks international copyright laws could be republished and redistributed in the
United States almost immediately after publication in London technological
developments and printing and the expansion and railroads canals and other
forms of transportation allowed for fast expensive an economical distribution of
printed matter .

land acquired through the 1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
following the war with Mexico transform Americans sense of the West and the
amount of land available for settlement and exploitation travel literature about
westward expansion became a popular genre Americans became increasingly
interested in literature centered on
urban life.

in this period in large part because of the tremendous growth in the
populations of boston philadelphia and new york resulting from the irish
and the influx of rural people into the cities newspaper and
magazine publishing exploded between 1825 and the 1860s providing American
authors with new forms for their poetry fiction essays travel writing and
political reportage writers such as Edgar Allen Poe Lydia Sigourney Margaret
Fuller Nathaniel Hawthorne and Fanny fern among many others were regularly
published in periodicals women found ways to enter the antebellum literary
marketplace often by publishing in magazines their participation in the
print public sphere raised questions about how women should balance private
domestic responsibilities with public.

participation writers such as Harriet Beecher Stowe Lydia Maria Child and
Margaret Fuller among many others answered these questions in different
ways looking at Renaissance reforming conflict we see that many antebellum
writers wrestled with the conviction that American literature and culture
were not living up to the revolutionary and Democratic promises and many of
these writers incited and participated in various efforts at reform .

this time there were also a variety of notions about what constituted reform
Emerson viewed reform as central to his cultural moment and was active in
opposing slavery affirming the value of temperance supporting women's suffrage
he is more noted however for his founding role in what many literary
historians have termed the transcendentalist movement
Emerson's transcendental writings amounted to a call for philosophical and
literary reform.

transcendentalism was never really a formulated movement but its principle
certainly inspired the writing of fuller Thoreau and Whitman among others it
emphasized the creative powers of the individual mind the regenerative value
of nature the limits of historical associations and traditions the student
stole to find effects of established institutions and the mystical glories of
infancy and childhood writers such as Hawthorne and Melville were influenced
by transcendentalism .

when they grappled with the difficulties of making sense of
a universe in which meaning derives from individual creative insights rather than
received Authority concerns about the urban poor and working-class immigrants
also had an important place in Antebellum reform efforts as writers
sought to expose readers to the plight of the impoverished in order to prompt
philanthropic interventions the antebellum period.

saw a push for women's rights and particularly women's rights to vote
Elizabeth Cady Stanton presented her declaration of sentiments based on
Jefferson's Declaration of Independence at the first women's rights convention
in 1848
many women writers were also active in the temperance movement to
outlaw alcohol many Antebellum writers took as one of their main subjects the
paradox that a nation founded on principles of freedom and equality was
implicated in ongoing national crimes the near genocide of American Indians.

the enslavement of black people and an expansion that ignored other national

sovereignties including Mexico Native merican spokespersons and writers like
A black hawk and William a pest among
others criticized white Americans deceptive treaties land-grabbing
policies and cruel violations of Native American human rights resistance to
slavery and critiques of white racism were among the principal topics of
Antebellum African American writers like Frederick Douglass Francis Harper and
William wells Brown some northern white writers were also active in the push for
abolition perhaps most famously Harriet Beecher Stowe whose Uncle Tom's Cabin
was the best-selling novel of the period and for which many felt led the way to
the Civil War .

it resolved irresolvable differences between the north and the
south culminated in the Civil War a bloody conflict that cost the lives of
over 600,000 Americans before the South surrendered in 1865 after the war
writers struggled to come to grips with the devastation the war had wrought as
well as the racism political corruption and materialism that undermine efforts
to follow through on the reformist potential of the North's victory.

the small enlarged world of American writers from 18 to 25 I mean from 1820
to 1865
in our world at that time the author's included in this volume of the
anthology were often in conversation with one another and the number of
instances of direct and indirect influences counter influences
friendships and productive disagreements are stunning most of the writers
represented in the synth ology also ranged beyond the borders of the United
States either through personal travel or publication all of the writers regarded
the literature of the United States as part of a larger world literature
writers in this anthology were also interested in much more than their
contemporary moment .

they were influenced by literature from a wide range of time
periods and by literature and culture from around the globe many Antebellum
writers sought not only to uncover but also to create American literary
traditions some did this by looking back to earlier colonial texts and trying to
create a sense of conformity or continuity with and from them many
Antebellum authors who are today considered canonical were not widely
recognized in their own time Melville Whitman the row and Dickinson all found
their most enthusiastic readers in the 20th century in this way their work and
the work of many others represented in this volume engaged as much with the
future as with their own time many events took place after the
Revolutionary War .

that led the country into the direction of the Civil War that
was soon to follow in 1820 there was the Missouri Compromise been admitted
Missouri as a slave state Maine as a free state an excluded slavery in the
Louisiana territory north latitude 36 degrees by 30 degrees.

in 1821 Sequoia George gasps and this the syllabic the library in which
Cherokee language can be written in 1823 the Monroe Doctrine warns all European
powers not to establish new colonies on either American continent in 1825 the
Erie Canal opens connecting the Great Lakes region with the Atlantic in 1827
the Baltimore and Ohio is the first u.s. railroad in 1827 to 28 the Cherokee
Nation ratifies its new constitution the newspaper the Cherokee Phoenix is
founded in 1829 to 37 President Andrew Jackson encourages westward migration of
the white population in 1830 Congress passes the Indian Removal Act allowing
Jackson to negotiate treaties with the eastern tribes for the relocation west
of the Mississippi in 1831 William Lloyd Garrison starts The Liberator
anti-slavery journal nat turner leaves a slave rebellion in Southampton County
Virginia approximately 60 whites were killed and 200 blacks are killed in
retaliation in 1837 financial panic occurs failures of numerous banks lead
to severe unemployment that persist in the early 1940s in 1838 around this same
time Underground Railroad begins aiding slaves escaping north often to Canada
from 1838 to 1839 .

the Trail of Tears Cherokees were forced from their
homelands by federal troops in which thousands lost their lives
in 1840 founding of the Washingtonian Temperance Society
temperance quickly emerges as one of the most popular social reform movements of
the period in 1844 Samuel Morse invents the telegraphed which leads to the Morse
code in 1845 the united states nxs texas in 1846 David Wilmot a congressman from
Pennsylvania proposes in Congress that slavery be banned and territories gained
from the Mexican War his proviso is defeated in 1846 248 the United States
wages war against Mexico .

the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo seeds entire southwest
to the United States in 1847 Brigham Young leads Mormons from nuevo
Illinois's to Salt Lake Utah Territory in 1848 Seneca Falls convention
inaugurates campaign for women's rights in 1848 249 beginning years of the
California Gold Rush which brings hundreds of thousands of new settlers to
California in 1850 the Fugitive Slave Act of the comprar of the compromise of
1850 obliges free states to return escaped slaves to slaveholders in 1854
the Republican Party formed consolidating anti-slavery factions
kansas-nebraska Act approved by Congress.

the Act repealed the Missouri Compromise making it legal for the white voting
residents of a territory to determine whether it should be admitted as a slave
or a free state in 1857 Supreme Court Dred Scott decision denied citizenship
to african-americans.

in 1859 the first successful US oil well is drilled in Pennsylvania in 1860
short-lived Pony Express runs from Missouri to California in 1861 South
Carolina batteries fire on us for initiating the Civil War southern states
secede from the union and found the Confederate States of America in 1861 to
1865 the country is embroiled in Civil War in 1863 the Emancipation
Proclamation in the Battle of Gettysburg in 1865 the 13th amendment is passed
that abolishes slavery in the United States in 1866 completion of two
successful transatlantic cables and the Civil Rights Act movement in 1868 the
14th amendment grants citizenship to those born are naturalized in the United
States in 1869 the first transcontinental railroad is completed
the Central Pacific construction crews composed largely of Chinese laborers
those are the events that took place between 1820 and 1865 .

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