North direction sign of AutoCAD 2020 | grab all blocks just in click AutoCAD 2020

North direction sign of AutoCAD 2020

In AutoCAd where we find north director sign for prepared drawing ? 

EASY wey to create the any other sigh is by the actual drawing for that we know the techniques to draw it. 

As a beginner we must know the all about technics for drowing different entity it grows our practical knowledge also .

First thing where we get the north direction sign for drowing. 

In google there are many website to promote different deferent sign and symbols or you can go to autodesks official website it will also help you . So I hope you get the idea about where symbols are find .

I always preferred you to use already prepared Bloks. It saves your time and effort. 

So search on Google north direction sign block. It will provide you the symbols not for direct but also all different deferent entity also . 

Uses of North direction sign

Firstly and most important use for indicating the plan of structure from mla to ground in North direction.  Without this we can't decide the direction of plan.

It shows the detailing in Side of drowing that how deep you worked for the pertiqular drawing .

It also increase attractiveness of drawing. 

Let consider a drawing without any indication of direction and a drowing with proper direction which is looking so good .

Pretty sure you pick drowing with proper direction so that's how important to give north indicator in drawing. 

Why only north direction give ? 

Pretty sure one question raising in your mind that why only north use as a indicator of drawing and other all thinks . 

The answer is simple North direction represent the north pole we all know on the earth there is two poles that is north and south pols . 

For better understanding North Pole means north direction is easy and simple and most of the people know that the north direction so it's some facts about north direction.


How to prepare the symbole of direction in AutoCAD software

This is today's main topic how to Make or draw north direction symbole 

- First type cammand line (L) 

- Draw a line vertical for specific depth
Then take your cursor on the top of the vertical line . 

- Draw a 45 degree line on top on previous verticle line on one side .

- Again draw opposite sile 45 degree line . 

- Now this will looks like arrows sign .

Then by using exclude convert in 3d form 
And below the drawing write N in bold front. 

This is simplest type of North direction sign it can make easily beginners also so I especially prefer you to draw this kind of North direction sing. 

So here we learn how to draw north direction sign in AutoCAD don't think its just for an AutoCAD swatware you can also drow this symbol for your commercial drowing or hand made DRAWING.