What facebook shutting down in 2021 by US goverment | and why |

What will US goverment take down facebook for forever ? And why 

What facebook shutting down in 2021 

The US goverment have sued facebook for illegally cruising compitition. 

Recently us government officials says that Facebook cruising compitition apps by illegally and fire case on Facebook. . 
As we know facebook having popular all over the world. To determine popularity of this app you can just check your freinds phon you will see install facebook app . 
In the world other tech apps or companies like SNAP chat , tik tok , youtube and other apps .
What facebook shutting down in 2021 

Also we can see compitition regarding this apps for whos popularity or download numbers os more . But
When one or more apps trying to control all market in their hand and cruising other app by logically or illegally it's affecting on all over the world market . Like this happens with facebook. 
By officials facebook trying to get all the market in their favor by purchasing or brought the competitors apps or companies and it show the monopoly market .
What facebook shutting down in 2021 

MONOPOlY is the terms ' no compitition in the market' means all market or in terms of tred in only few or ones hand . 

Why government will shut down the facebook

In USA there is markets run with the basic of federal trade compitition.

Federal trade compitition consists three main way to trade 

* Perfect treadingarket 
* Oligo trading
* MONPOlOlY marketing.

In perfect marketing - 
This kind of trading or marketing means highest compitition in between traders or marketers. Everyone who wants to sell he's product he can sell in this trading . And this is perfect example of marketing for consumer. Here more choice available and it's result in direct benefit for consumer. 

Oligo trading  - 
In this type of trading market is devid in fifty-fifty . Competition level in this marketing is comparatively low with perfect marketing. Consumer haven't much choice. And it's result in consumer having trouble to saving their benefits . 

Monopoly treading- 
This is the main reason for facebook may be shut down by us government. In MONPOlOlY only few or only one trader or company rule over a market by cruising or brought other competitive traders. And this happen with facebook. In united States of America 48 state filled under case Facebook for monopolize the market. 

Now which act apply on Facebook 

The Sherman antitrust act 

: Section 1 and 2 consist 
- section 1 - required two or more person, as a person cannot contract combine or conspire alone .
- concern with finding an agreement

Section 2 - 
- Apply both two an individual person and to serval people 
- deal with the structure of monopolies in a market places. 

So here this conclusion we know the facebook increasing their influence in the marketplace by brought opposite parties or cruising them .

The us Federal trade commision (FTC) accused facebook of eliminating competition.
The case filled under Sherman Act section 2 . Which I already explained. 

So what do you this what facebook shutting down in 2021 bu us  government. Let me know down.