What is the building information design (BIM) PDF and why it's nessasary for civil engineer

 What is the building information design (BIM)  and why it's nessasary for civil engineer . 

What is the building information design (BIM)

Building information Model (BIM) : 

Is is a series of information or swatware for the structure in which data can be share . In other words BIM is series of digital model of structure in which we can save the data . Analysis of saved thata regarding structure for future planing. It can be form of 3D, 4D , 5D, 6D to ND . Now 4D is integrating time , 5D (with cost) .

Know more about 3D ,4D 5D 

BIM is most reliable and more potential process. 

Now in this days we can see construction industry are developing fast . different different kind of projects come though civil engineering. So we can say BIM required In each and every civil activity or project. Not for just structure all over industry BIM is necessary. 

If you having any knowledge about bim so you can esay get this job . So bim is not a divided in lot of swaftware it is combination of some swaftware like revit tekla  etc

What is the building information design (BIM)

In constitution industry margin or profit is reduced with many problems in projects and we all know it's result in inaccurate work, delay of work reduce quantity of work .

* Main problems in this industry and this is reduced by BIM

Delay in work and cast overruns.
In genral work delay by many reason which include by contractor, by work is executed by wrong manner, lower quality material.
delay in works RESULT in cost increase and this is most common problem in now days .

* Changes in work it may reworking.

In some project work done by previous drawing and after some time need to changes that drowing. Thats why we change in work it take lots of time and money. 

* mejor problems due to Clint

In running working state there is some changes arrived by Clint . If it's changes is greater it will effect all over the executing project. 

* Land claims problem

Land is not acquired in proper way then owners land can make disturb during work is processing it also major problems we can teke out by BIM.

Lake of proper planning

If planning of project is not properly or improper planning or management then it is difficult execute work . It's means work delay or cost overruns.
Project is will not complete in give competition period. Estimating cast increasing with increasing time etc

Improper Decision

It will mejor problems for overall project if lack of decision. In some case project will suspend. In this case also BIM is necessary. 

Supervision in wrong manner

If project not under properly supervision it results in small problems will arriving in given project and it will effect or owner and contractor. 

Lake of coordinates

This situation always happens in projects. It effects om work  if contractors behavior is bad for engineer or works or engineers behavior bad for contractor 

Actual analysis of project 

Analysis of project for cost material competition time working mangne ment ect are not done in proper knowledge this will affected all project. By wich work may be delay, cost of constitution overriding than estimate etc 

Deferent working problems are in this civil constitution industry. For reduced this problem we need to go with building information design. We can reduce quantity of this problem and work will be excited in given time period and estimating cost .

What is the building information design (BIM)

Process of building information design (BIM) 

- Following stapes commonly use in building information design.
Collection of data for a given work 

- Coding and programing data by using AutoCAD all introduction of project collection using by AutoCAD .

- Basic Design of given project by using tekla swaftware

- Preview the detailed design of given project .

- Check given detailed analysis and design for ensure that this project in proper way or not.

- If you find your project is working in position the we prepare a proper model of given project by using Revit swatware.

- After this start documentation of given work. 

- After documentation, start estimating and costing of project  Using Microsoft.

- Prepration for time management for project.