Daily current affairs : 27th feb 2021 with explanation in hindi english with pdf

Daily current affairs for any government exams with explanation. Today's 27 march current affairs is follow.

 Which of the following Earth Hour 2021: ______? 

A. 25 march 

B. 27 march  

C. 27 may  

D. 25 may

Noted journalist and author _________ passes away at 74.

A. Anil sharkar 
B. Anil singh 
C. Sunil dharkar 
D. Anil dharkar 

India ranks ________ on International Intellectual Property Index 2021: GIPC

A. 10th 

B. 51th  

C. 40th 

D. 56th  

India Finish Third in 2021 Para Shooting World Cup with __________.

A. 10 medals 

B. 29 models 

C. 49 Medals 

D. 7 medals  

Bangbandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rehman’s daughter ________ receives 
Gandhi Peace Prize for her father.

A. Shaikh hasina 

B. Shaikh rehana  

C. Shaikh raziya  

D. Shaikh Rubina  

Parliament has passed a bereavement leave law for couples who 

A.  suffer 

miscarriages or stillbirths.

B. For poors  

for rich 

D. Not suffer miscarriages

Nirmala Sitharaman launches Central Scrutiny Centre and __________mobile App.

A. Pay to center

B.  Security app



Veteran singer ___________ selected for Maharashtra Bhushan award, state’s highest honour.

A. Lata mangeshkar
B. Neha kakar
C. Asha bhosale 
D. Sunidhi chouhan

CJI Bobde recommends name of Justice ____________ as his successor.

A. NV ramana 

B. Rj purohit 

C. Pl firoz

D. Ramana

Actor Samir Soni authors book “______________”

A. My Experiments With Silence”

B. promise me that 


D. the prime minister.

Ans ..

1.  27 march

2. Sunil dharkar 

3. 40th

4. 7 medals

5. Shaikh rehana  

6. suffer 

miscarriages or stillbirths.


8. Asha bhosale 

9. NV ramana 

10. My Experiments With Silence”