Daily current affairs 28/03/2021 for every government exams like ssc , rrb etc,

Daily current affairs for every government exams like  ssc , rrb etc, 

If you are preparing any one day exam competitive exam the welcome your . 
Here you can learn all aspects regarding exams like general awareness, reasoning, current affairs and so much. 

* What is official song of ICC womens wold cup 2022 

A. Girls league
B. Girl gang 
C. Girls world
 * Which of the following ballistic missile successfully test by pakistan in 2021 
A. Shaahin 1A 
B. Babar 2 
C.  Babar 1 

 * Which of the following re -elected as a president of republic of Congo 
A. Alex sender 
B. Denis sassou nguesso
C. Bartholomew sayad 

 * Resently who is the new seo of UIDAI 
A. Ashis bhut 
B. Yogesh sawarkar
C. Sourav gurg 

 * Where celebrates "NANDANI REVER FESTIVAL" in 2021 
A. Banglore
B. Chennai
C. Mangalore

 * Recently who is invited the GRATE KHALI IN "HALL OF FAME "
B. Wold's boxing cup 

 * Asia's largest tulips garden open in how much heater in March 2021
A. 50 Hector
B. 100 Hector
C. 30 Hector
 * Who will Host AFC Women asia cup 2022.
A. Shrilanka
B. Bangladesh
C.  India   

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