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Have you like any wonderful drama in this year if no the I will definitely suggest you doctor romantic Korean tv serie.

First thinks

episode I switch things up a little

bit and I'm not going to be reviewing a drama that finished airing like this week or really really recently from the title of this video guys realize that I will be reviewing a drama that took me from the lows 2016 to the hypes I'm 17 I remember wanting to review it back when it's just finished airing in the middle of January but I don't even know what happened.

what is about this drama

I remember being sick I remember feverishly preparing for Korea thawne yes I had a lot of things in mind but this drama left such a big impact on me that I could not let it just kind of disintegrate in the mariad of so many of the dramas that we're airing around the same time so I'd really wanted to give it special attention so today we're going to be reviewing remapping doctor teacher Kim is doing all right first things first.


spoiler alert


like always you guys know
the drill we haven't seen it go and watch it and come back and watch that review otherwise you can relieve being very disappointed and we don't want that happening right so yeah you've been warned so today I'm not going to be talking much about the plot because honestly apart from the first episode .

The plot

I could describe the entire plot of this drama in pretty much a couple of sentences the plot wasn't overly complicated and that was actually a good thing about it because it didn't draw our attention away from all the character development that were happening throughout the entire drama one thing I will say about the plot.

The first episode

the first episode was probably the most eventful and crazy first episode of any Korean dramas ever seen honestly after watching the first episode I got hooked I was like oh my god this is the first episode what on earth is going to be in the second third yo and so on I did have worries about further episodes not being as great and not really living up to the standard of first episode which honestly did happen I have to admit that I did feel like a lot of the tensions were released in the second third fourth episode until maybe like the very last few episodes.

What details inside this episode

where you know everything was coming to closure all the questions were being answered so the first episode and last few episodes were incredibly intense honestly even though the in-between episodes did feel a little bit sunken in terms of intensity they were still really really well thought it was feels pretty intense because I mean let's face it the first episode had it all it had a love story developed like this it had a super passionate kiss probably one of the most passionate kisses I've seen in any Korean drama.

The vfx effects

it had a car crash it had the page drama trunk of doom it had the crazy surgery where she has to grab the artery with two of her fingers and just hold it you know there was throwback to past and there was this whole educational moment where teacher Kim got introduced you know so it also had a cheating bastard as well you know I forgot to mention.

The cast and characters

right now moving on to big characters on the plays this is the first drama that made me think that I focus on the characters and their development so much more than anything else I could care less what was happening in their lives I could care less what kind of event we're going on where the plot was going all I wanted to know was how these characters were going to deal with it how these events were going to affect their personalities and will they come out on top will they come out being good people or will the society crush them and take away their naivety take away their sensibility and righteousness and morality and just like turn them into really bad guys that was the question of the whole drama.

The king sabu

first and foremost King Sabu wow what a character from him you know pretending to be a butcher and scaring the living crap out of him due to him being super nurturing and super caring when it came to slow down and her arm and her recovery you know King Sabu embodied it all he was the perfect Guardian he was the perfect teacher the perfect mentor for everyone around him I feel like everyone regardless of their age their position and relationship to him learned a lot from him and relied a lot on him it was incredibly refreshing to see such a strong character in a drama.

and I especially loved how rugged he won his on his beard is not so French you know doctor's coat his little mannerisms and just this entire way of being such a badass.

Some important moment

I can't even describe it any other way made it a pleasure for me to watch every scene where he was in wood that said the one thing absolutely loved about him is that he was able to admit when he was wrong at very at the drama King Tom who was able to step back and say oh my god I was coward I was running away this entire time no I can't do this anymore I shouldn't be doing this anymore I have all these people relying on me I have the entire state of the hospitals that goes up Hospital laying on my shoulders that's it I can't be Klingon coward anymore I can be hiding in the corner I got to go out there and I gotta win anyone and did it that strength of character moving my mind away I was so impressed I don't think it's possible to be impressed by a fictional character as much.

So overall we can say it is very incredible series of the year .

Should I give my important time for this series ?

So my honorable answer is yes ! You can spend you precios time here and you will definitely enjoy this drama .

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