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so today I'm gonna talk about Goblin .

Description : this is about drama series the GOBLIN is an Korean drama series which most incredible series. This is one of the Best serise I seen ever Korean drama. This is in Korean and english language only and now recently hindi dubbing also started so you will seen soon this drama available in hindi

What dose it mean goblin ?

great lonely god goblin is one of the highest-rated kdramas that I've been putting off watching for forever I think the title goblin kind of was a turn-off so I've seen some translations where they call it Guardian the great and lonely God which Guardian is better.
because a Korean Goblin and like an English goblin are not the same thing so goblin goblin is about a goblin in the Korean since a goblin is like an object that is stained with human blood and it becomes spiritually possessed .

kim shin. (Main character)

kim shin is the main guy of the show and he is a goblin

Story line in short.

the original storyline where all of this began 900 years ago Kem shin was this ultimate fighting general for this super young king . he was just fighting and killing everybody and he was like the best journal ever so people would like bow to him and they were like you're amazing you know the advisor to the king who's like the super evil guy he knew that for him to have full power over the king like to be like the pseudo king he was got to get rid of Kim shin.

everyone loves him more than you they worship him like you better get rid of him or he's gonna take your throne kim shin had his baby sister marry the king. it was love they loved each other but then after all these years with that like evil advisor in his ear he like really turned him against everybody he basically told kim shin like you take your sword and you get out of here you don't come back or i'm gonna kill everybody.
he was like you know what you got to do what you got to do so he went up in there and then the King had to kill everybody King killed everybody in his family including his little baby sister who was his wife .
He killed his own wife just to prove a point he dies by his own sword and so that sword becomes a goblin.

Some facts in story

that's when he died and this whole story began the legend says that he can't die until the Goblin bride pulls his sword out he's just so sick of seeing like all of his family and the people he loves and cares about die and he doesn't age.
he just stays the same and he's sick of it so he's looking for his goblin bride who can pull the sword out of his chest so he can finally dive that's when the main character one cop comes into play her mother gets hit by car when she's pregnant with her and the Goblin saves her.

so when she's born she can see
ghosts she can see dead people he goes tell her she's the goblin bride.

The twist and terning of this show

a lot I loved the twists there a lot there's a lot of twists and I love to be shocked and this one really shocked me multiple times .

when you start finding out who people are and when other people come into the show .

Personal thought

a show makes you think like after it's done you're still thinking about it like that's a really good show.

I really love the story about the Grim Reaper like his job and how you become a Grim Reaper and how it ends like when the job is over it's really cool in the concept of fate versus like the divine plan they didn't really cool job on that too really that .

Grim Reaper and globin.

the Goblin in the Grim Reaper those two guys need their own show because they are so good together all their scenes were amazing so good they have you rolling they play off each other so well God like they were they were my almost they were almost my favorite part of the show.

sunny and Grim Reaper are
my favorite part of this show they were like a really strong second I could watch them all day and I did because they have another show called touch her part and it's really cute .

mean obviously the sexual chemistry was kind of lacking between the Goblin the goblin bride because she's a child it would be kind of weird if it was a little more intense the sexual chemistry isn't actually needed to drive the story Ford cuz it's just like fated love situation .

the girl Odin talk is like she's such a doll like I said the chemistry not really there but like she's so adorable she played it perfectly.

The casting

it was a good cast the casting was great I loved all of them the feels there were feels all over the place like all over the place this this show made me cry so much the acting was so good like usually when they cry in Korean shows it's all I dropped like their eyes are just glowing away and then there's like perfectly straight tears like oh I'm so sad there's real tears in the show especially from Lee dong-wook .

Final review

I'm just crying all over the place this show had me in my feels I was crying over everything I don't know I don't know which scene had me crying more I know I do know when you think someone's mind is erased.
I still love Legend of the blue sea but I think it's it's it's my oh my I'll put it in second but maybe it's time for first I don't know I really loved it um so good.

Should I give my time for this show ?

if I convinced you to watch Goblin if you
think you might want to watch Goblin let me know I'm so curious to know what your thoughts are no one I know has seen this show and I really think it's my favorite go watches.
So yes you should try this and you would like it .

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